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Shipping and
environmental protection


Shipping and
environmental protection

We are aware of our responsibility to protect the environment in the context of online commerce and would like to make our buyers aware of this as well.
That is why we use as little plastic as possible and use only filling material which has already been used. We would be happy if our customers actively support this. Thanks a lot!

Apart from shipping and packaging, environmental protection and sustainable thinking and acting are extremely important to us. For this reason, we are specifically looking for cooperations with companies that share this desire for a better future.

Naturally Liebhard-Edelmetalle

With each shipment, up to €9 goes to one of our environmental projects (e.g. forests, meadows and vineyards) through sustainable forestry to restore nature to its original state.

Environmental protection is of crucial importance in order to preserve forests, meadows and vineyards and to leave intact nature for future generations.

Unfortunately, the forest is exposed to threats such as illegal deforestation, climate change and pest infestation, and our meadows and vineyards are increasingly being destroyed by intensive agricultural use. One way to protect and preserve these ecosystems is to donate to conservation projects.

One such project is “Naturally Liebhard-Edelmetalle”, in which up to €9 is used for each package sent to preserve the forest, meadows and vineyards.

By working to protect and sustainably preserve natural habitats, we contribute to preserving biodiversity and protecting soil and groundwater. Because intact nature is not only important for us, but also for all future generations.

Everyone can make their contribution and protect the environment by supporting the projects as part of “Naturally Liebhard-Edelmetalle”. A Liebhard precious metal donation of at least 2 Cents per shipment sent helps preserve the planet for future generations. Be part of one of these important projects and support the protection of, for example, the natural forest, meadows and vineyards with every single order!

Would you like to do more?

You can make your own personal contribution at any time with donations or as a donor with donations or gifts. Simply write to us at

If you would like to do more – donate directly to the project of your choice.
The first official donor for the forest project was Franziska Schulz.

Moonwood utilization vs. forest protection:
Finding the Balance

The so-called moonwood has grown naturally in forests without being exposed to human intervention. This wood has special properties that distinguish it from other wood, such as higher density and hardness. It is often used for special purposes such as house building, musical instrument making & furniture making.

However, it is important to note that a forest that is left to its own devices can also have negative developments. Without human care & supervision, the forest can become overgrown, thereby affecting natural biodiversity. It can also cause pests and diseases to grow uncontrollably and damage the forest.

Therefore, it is important to find a balance between protecting the natural forest and using its resources. Conservation measures such as the establishment of protected areas and sustainable forestry can help keep forests healthy and productive.

In summary: Moonwood has special properties and is very sought after! It is important that the natural forest is not completely left to its own devices in order to avoid negative impacts. Nature conservation measures and sustainable forestry are necessary to keep the forest healthy and in its natural function.