300 Jahre Schloß Güldengossa Geiger Original Silberbarren Set von 1 g bis 1 OZ

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Anniversary Issue 300 Years Güldengossa Castle

(300 Jahre Schloß Güldengossa)

Set of 1 gram 1 OZ Silver bars Geiger Original

Mintage is only 300 pieces worldwide!!!

Own, continuous serial number from number 1 bis 300

300 Years Güldengossa Castle:

The bar „300 years Güldengossa Castle“ is a unique anniversary issue on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Güldengossa Castle, which was built in 1720, and has a varied and eventful history.

The bar itself is an exclusive premium product for Liebhard Edelmetalle which was created in cooperation with Geiger Edelmetalle. At this point I would like to thank the entire team of Geiger Edelmetalle for the excellent support and cooperation! I firmly believe that further projects will follow in the future.

My special thanks go to Mr. Adalbert Geiger, Dr. Müller-Syring, Ms. Wolff, Ms. Kalwach and Ms. Franke.

On the specifics of the bar and the background:

The project began with the realization that Güldengossa Castle will be three hundred years old in 2020 and will celebrate its anniversary accordingly. It would actually be time to immortalize this in the form of a beautiful, exclusive bar. Unfortunately, this did not succeed in the first attempt – especially because of the situation around Corona. So I´m pleased that it has then still worked in 2020 – the anniversary year – with a limited edition of 300 pieces (leaning on the 300 years) in the size (of initially) 1 OZ! Here is now the set from 1 gram to 1 OZ (set of 5 bars)!

The bar shows in the certificate, in contrast to the usual Geiger original edition of the bar – the Güldengossa Castle itself, as it looked in 1720 (front), and as it presents itself today (2020 back).

The mintage is deliberately just 300 pieces!!! On the one hand the analogy – as already mentioned above – and on the other hand because it should be something really special.

In addition to the certificate, which is very successful for my taste, the bars have an absolute novelty:

They carry their own number range with the serial number! This begins with the initial letters „SG“ which stand for Güldengossa Castle. The following digits first indicate the weight in grams and then logically go from „bar number 1“ to the bar number 300. So each bar is a real unique piece!!!

As a further distinguishing feature, I succeeded in winning Mr. Adalbert Geiger as a signatory for the bar. This against the background that, for my point of view, Mr. Geiger has done everything right from my point of view with the purchase of the Güldengossa Castle, the renovation and the idea to make this as a trademark for the own bars to the trademark!

In addition, the documented, historical background and the turbulent history of the Güldengossa Castle also in connection with the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig in 1813. For this I would like to provide more detailed information on my own website for the interested reader. Unfortunately the regulations of eBay do not allow to link to it. But: „He who seeks finds“ …

One of my objectives of the project is – in contrast to the „greatest battle in world history“ at that time – that I would like to initiate a cross-border and international understanding project in the distant future. This presupposes cooperation and not competitive thinking! For this reason, among other things, I am delighted to have won Geiger Edelmetalle for this project, as this is exactly what is lived here!!!

I am happy to have brought this project to a successful conclusion together. I would be even more delighted if the buyers of this extraordinary bar not only enjoy the product itself, but also enjoy it. also want to internalize and pass on parts of these ideas. As soon as possible, I will publish further details in the post announced above on my website.

Until then, I stay with best regards

Your Ulrik Liebhard

1 oz Geiger Orignal silver bar

The 1 oz silver bars Geiger Original are a highlight under the product innovations of the precious metal market. They significantly stand out by their design and security attributes compared to other precious metal products on the market.


Minted of finest silver (999/1000) they are equipped with a pearl-finish surface and a high relief.

The reverse side of the bars have a pattern of the hallmark of our mint, the Leipziger Edelmetallverarbeitung (LEV). Furthermore the reverse side has a blue coating with an individual serial number and another centered placed hallmark. This blue coating has the special feature that it is glowing under UV lighting.


The packaging was specially developed for this bar novelty. The capsule is only to open by destroying it and the small package includes a certificate of authenticity with a precious design.


Therefore this silver bar is not only a very secure investment product, it is also an excellent and unique gift.

Manufacturer’s note: „Since silver is a precious metal and can react with traces in the air, it is possible that an oxidation process may gradually be started and the silver may discolor.“


Geiger Original – quality and security in square.

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Größe 38,60 × 38,60 mm

38,60 mm



Edelmetallgehalt pro Einheit

1 OZ


999/1.000 Feinsilber



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nationale Allegorie


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Royal British Mint


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